Maintenance Tips from Stairlift Medics

Stairlifts are an investment intended to last for many years and have been relied upon since the 1930’s to move people up and down stairs to different levels of their homes or places of business.  Proper care and maintenance of your stairlift are important to ensure its longevity. Learn more about the recommended care and usage tips for your stairlift.

Read the Stairlift Manual:

Your new stairlift will arrive with a user manual that describes safe usage, care needs, and basic rules and guidance.  First and foremost, read this manual to make yourself aware of the details of your particular stairlift.

Follow Recommended Weight Limits:

Every stairlift has a maximum weight that you shouldn’t exceed if you desire to keep your stairlift in good working order.  Pay attention to these limits and adhere in order to achieve a maximum stairlift life span.

Clean Your Stairlift Regularly:

Use a damp cloth and wipe the track free of dust at least once a week.  A buildup of dust and dirt should be avoided, as this may cause track problems that will require repair.

Lubricate the Track:

Use a small amount of Vaseline to keep the track lubricated and working well.  Contact Stairlift Medics for more information regarding lubrication and your particular stairlift model.

Contact Stairlift Medics for Regular Maintenance

Scheduling a yearly maintenance checkup with Stairlift Medics is the best way to ensure that everything is working properly and is likely to be free of breakdowns. We will check the entire stairlift for worn down and/or broken parts and repair and replace them. This is the best way to ensure interruption-free mobility.

Contact us today with any questions or comments regarding the care, maintenance, or repair of your stairlift!