The Top 10 Signs That Your Stairlift Needs Service Right Away

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If you notice any of the warning signs below on your own stairlift, call us right away!

1. Your Lift Stops While Going Up Stairs

If your stairlift operates fine while going down the stairs but runs slow or even stops part way going up the stairs, you will need service to determine the cause and have it repaired. Leaving it can cause further harm to the components of the stairlift.

2. Your Stairlift is Beeping or Chirping

The beeping is intended to get your attention as the batteries in your stairlift are not charging. Check that your adapter is plugged in and the outlet is providing power. If these check out then it’s time to call in the service professionals to fix the issue.

3. You Hear a Scraping Noise

If you start to hear a scraping sound this can mean several different things, none of which are good. Place a call for service as soon as possible.

4. You Notice Loose Covers

If you find loose covers on your stairlift you should call for service to have these replaced. Some elements will move to detect obstruction but should never be loose or open.

5. Stairlift Parts Are Broken or Cracked

While your stairlift might still operate with broken or cracked items, these should be repaired as soon as possible or further damage may occur and prevent the stairlift from operating at all.

6. Exposed Wiring

If you find any wiring that is exposed, this needs to be corrected or it could cause a short or otherwise make the stairlift inoperable. Service is required to repair this and bring your chair back to working order.

7. Finding Grey or Black Dust

If you see black or grey dust on your stairlift, odds are this is a symptom of a worn part that will soon fail. Call in service to have the item replaced before larger issues start to occur.

8. Intermittent Operation

If you are experiencing your stairlift stopping randomly from time to time while it otherwise operates fine all other times, there could be an electrical issue or a safety adjustment that is needed.

9. Unusual Operation

If your stairlift is operating erratically, shutters, hesitates, or otherwise operates in an unusual manner, this requires service as it could be a gearbox or other item that is needing replacement.

10. Random Error Codes

If you are seeing or hearing random error codes happen while it’s sitting or running, it could be a failing circuit board that needs to be replaced.

Notice any of these warning signs on your stairlift?

If you see any of the issues above on your own stairlift, contact us right away, don't delay!

While there are things that you as the homeowner can do to troubleshoot your stairlift, if you ever feel that your stairlift isn’t operating as it should, make the call to Stairlift Medics and have our professional staff check out your stairlift.

We can pinpoint the issue and correct it so you can have a fully functional stairlift.

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