Customer Testimonials

  • I have been a customer of Stairlift Medics since 2018 and can only speak in superlatives about Doug and his great service to me.

    He put in a used stairlift for me in 2018. One of the best things about this company is that they ANSWER their phone. A recent example is that my stairlift starting beeping which indicated a problem on Thursday evening and we had to disconnect. I called Stairlift Medics and as usual Doug answered his phone and asked a few questions and asked me to check a few things and call him back. Before I could call him, he called me back and told me he would be out in early afternoon if that was okay with me. He later called to let me know he was running a bit late but did arrive around 4:30 PM on the same day I called. In my case, this was not an emergency but he arrived and completely serviced my stairlift in less than about 45 minutes.
    Great Service and Fair Prices.
    Thank you Doug and Son


  • Doug has been a blessing for us more than once.

    I appreciate his warning us before he blasted the noisy drill?. He is all about customer service. He wears a mask while working at our home. Thank you for the great stair lift. My life is easier and safer. Happy holidays.

    Valued Customer

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