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Bruno Stairlift for Sale at the bottom of the stairs in Silver SpringRecent studies from healthcare institutions reveal that osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, and joint diseases are some of the most prevalent illnesses affecting the senior and disabled populations of first-world countries. At Stairlift Medics, we cater to hundreds of private citizens and living facilities that require cost-efficient stairlift servicing in Silver Spring, MD. We earn numerous five-star reviews every month on blogs, customer review sites, and social media pages for our high-quality repair services. Routine maintenance is an essential part of stairlift ownership. Some owners try to go the DIY route to save money but end up worrying about the long-term safety of their stairlifts.

Most people who require stairlifts are advanced in years, have debilitating and life-altering conditions, or are recovering from injuries they don’t want to exacerbate. According to the CDC, the number of people with doctor-diagnosed arthritis will reach more than 78 million in 2040, making stairlift services in places like Silver Spring, MD, an essential public good. Without access to reliable emergency stairlift repair services, disabled people and senior citizens with joint problems will have no way of living independently in their homes. Chair lifts are the most cost-efficient mobility solution for most people in the middle class. They are significantly less expensive than private elevators, escalators, and other heavy mechanical solutions. So, it’s only logical that stairlift repairs, servicing, and routine maintenance should be affordable as well.

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Hiring a reliable chair lift repair company to maintain your stairlift will save you thousands of dollars in potential medical and replacement costs. Performing routine maintenance on obstruction sensors will prevent children, pets, and guests from getting caught on the stairlift rails during operation. Well-lubricated adjustable footrests, seats, and handles will stop people from tripping on a chair lift next to a flight of stairs.

woman riding a new Bruno Stairlift for sale in Silver SpringAt Stairlift Medics, our technicians will find the fastest and most cost-efficient way to return your broken stairlift to working order. Our stairlift repair team has over 30 years of experience working with OEM, American, and European stairlifts. We can repair stairlifts from the following brands:

Stairlift Servicing, Repairs, and Sales in Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, Maryland, is an edge city, which means that it’s a flourishing center of business, culture, and commerce far away from the state capital. Its downtown area touches the northern tip of Washington, and hundreds of residents find employment and education there. The American Film Institute and Discovery Communications host an annual thanksgiving parade and a documentary festival in the heart of downtown, making it an attraction for people across the state. Hundreds of Silver Spring, MD, residents trust us for stairlift servicing, maintenance, and installation. We’re also the leading authorized retailer of Bruno stairlifts, the most reliable chairlifts in Maryland. Call Stairlift Medics today at (800)695-6339, and we’ll diagnose and fix whatever is wrong with your stairlift after a free consultation.