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5 signs you need to hire expert chair lift repair services 

Hiring expert chair lift repair services is essential to ensure the safety and functionality of your chair lift. Stairlift Medics offers chair lift repair in and around Pasadena, MD, Towson, MD, Upper Marlboro, Severn, MD, Fort Washington, MD, Fairfax, VA. 

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to consider hiring professionals for chair lift repair: Chair Lift Repair in Pasadena, MD, Towson, MD, Severn, MD, Fairfax, VA

  • Unusual Noises: If your chair lift is making strange or loud noises that it didn’t make before, it could be a sign of mechanical problems. These noises could be grinding, clunking, or squeaking sounds, which indicate the need for inspection and repairs. 
  • Jerky Movements: If the chair lift starts to move in a jerky or uneven manner, it may be a sign of a mechanical issue. Smooth, consistent movement is crucial for the safety and comfort of the user, so any irregularities should be addressed promptly. 
  • Slow Operation: If the chair lift has become noticeably slower in its operation, it may indicate problems with the motor, gearbox, or other components. Slow movement can be frustrating for users and may indicate the need for repairs. 
  • Stopping or Stalling: If the chair lift frequently stops or stalls during operation, it poses a significant safety risk. This issue could be caused by various factors, including electrical problems, worn-out components, or obstructions on the track. 
  • Error Codes or Malfunctions: Many modern chair lifts are equipped with diagnostic features that display error codes or indicator lights to signal potential issues. If you see error codes or notice malfunctions, it’s crucial to address them promptly, as they may indicate specific problems that require expert attention. 

In summary, any unusual noises, jerky movements, slow operation, stopping or stalling, or error codes on your chair lift should prompt you to hire expert chair lift repair services. Timely repairs and maintenance can help ensure the continued safety and reliability of the device. Please call us without hesitation.