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We understand that installing a stairlift can bring lots of worries to a Dundalk homeowner’s mind. What is the cost? How slow is it? What kind of damage is it going to do to my house? Can a stairlift even fit in my house?

With Stairlift Medics, we would like you and the Dundalk community to know that we have 30 years of experience in stairlift repair and stairlift installation in Northern Maryland including the Baltimore and Dundalk areas.

We have worked with many homeowners that have had the same questions as you. We will take the time to explain everything you need to know from what kind of chairlift installation would work best for you to what type of stairlift repair you need.

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Stairlift Installation in Dundalk, MD

Chairlift Installation and Repair in DundalkIf you are thinking about a chairlift installation in your Dundalk home, or are simply curious, please give us a call. We can answer all your questions and even provide you with a no-obligation quote, so that when the time comes for you to install a stairlift, you will be ready to go.

If you have done your research, you might already know you are looking for a Bruno Stairlift for sale in Dundalk. We can understand why you have decided on a Bruno Stairlift installation. Bruno Stairlifts are the top selling brand in America for several reasons – great warranty, high-quality functionality, and easy operation. Of course it does not hurt that they have a great stylish design, as well. We carry three different models and know which Bruno Stairlift for sale that will fit your needs – straight, curved, exterior, heavy duty and more. A Bruno Stairlift in Dundalk can be customized to what you need.

Contact us today to receive a no-hassle price quote!

Stairlift Repair in Dundalk, MD

Stairlift Maintenance in BroomallMany brands of stairlifts are known for their high quality and long-lasting functionality. After all, they all come with great warranties. However, this does not mean they are completely immune to requiring repairs. They are machines with moving parts, motors, and components. If you ever do need stairlift repair in Dundalk, Stairlift Medics is ready to help. We have experience in all types of stairlift repair including:

And since we have been around providing stairlift repair in Dundalk and nearby areas for 30 years, we most likely have repaired other brands as well.

Stairlifts in Dundalk, Maryland

Dundalk gets its name from the town of Dundalk, Ireland. The community is thought of as one of the first inner-ring suburbs of Baltimore. The higher than average population of residents over 65 makes Dundalk a great place for stairlift installation.