Chairlift Installation in Baltimore, Damascus, Frederick, Silver Spring, and Upper Marlboro, MD

You’ve made the decision to have a chairlift installed in your home, and you think you could install it yourself, or a family member could do it. There are many problems that could arise during the installation and operational checks that would be beyond your skill set to diagnose and correct. It is definitely worth it to have professionals from Stairlift Medics come to install your chairlift and show you how to operate it. This way you can be sure that it is installed correctly and will provide you years of successful service.

Chairlift Installation in Baltimore, Damascus, Frederick, Silver Spring, and Upper Marlboro, MDTemporary Chairlift Installations

Are there really cases where having a temporary installation of a chairlift would make sense? Absolutely, and they aren’t as scarce as you might think. Perhaps you have a member of your household that is having surgery, perhaps to their knee or leg, and this would impede their use of the stairs. Another reason would be to try out a chairlift to see if it really would be the ideal solution for the household. Everyone might not be sure that a chairlift is the right answer, but having a rental or temporary installation would be a great trial to see if it would be a good solution. And if you find that you enjoy having the chairlift in your Baltimore, Damascus, Frederick, Silver Spring, or Upper Marlboro home, you can leave it there and purchase it.

Outdoor Chairlift Installation

While most of the time we think of chairlifts for the indoor stairs in the home, there are chairlifts that also are able to be installed and used in the outdoors. What is important to keep in mind is that outdoor chairlifts could be installed indoors, but indoor stairlifts should never be installed outdoors. This is because the outdoor chairlifts are designed to withstand the elements, and indoor chairlifts do not have to contend with these issues. Marine grade components are used for outdoor chairlift installations because they are needed, where indoor chairlifts will not encounter these situations.

Chairlift Installation – Relocation

No matter what the situation is, having your chairlift relocated is something that happens all the time in Baltimore, Damascus, Frederick, Silver Spring, and Upper Marlboro, and Stairlift Medics will ensure that your chairlift will be properly reinstalled where you need it. You may have had a chairlift installed in your home several years ago, but now you are relocating to a smaller home that still has stairs. Or perhaps your elderly parent is coming to live with you, and you want to relocate their chairlift into your home to provide them a familiar and comfortable way to use your stairs.