Chairlift Installation in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Plymouth Meeting and Nearby Cities

Many people who are considering installing a Chairlift are unsure if their home is suitable. Because Chairlift installation is less intrusive than other home accessibility measures, your home is likely to be able to accept the equipment. Understanding the prerequisites for Chairlift installation makes purchasing for a Chairlift much easier. Although Chairlifts do not necessitate modification, there are a few things we look for when inspecting your stairwell. So, let us find out below the requirements: Man performing Chairlift Installation in Plymouth Meeting

  • You’ll need a nearby outlet to power your stairlift, which should be within 10 feet of the top or bottom of the stairs. This charges the batteries and powers the stairlift, guaranteeing that it will function even if the power goes out.
  •  Straight chairlifts typically require a minimum staircase width of 28″, whereas most curved stairlifts require a minimum staircase width of 36″.
  • While head clearance is rarely an issue in modern homes, it is something to keep in mind when descending basement stairs. We may need to take some measures if you hit your head on the ceiling while mounting your stairs.
  • Your stairlift will require space to finish at the top and bottom of the steps, regardless of their design, so you may exit safely. A normal rail extends about 18 inches from the bottom step, so keep that in mind if you have furniture, a doorway, or other obstructions.

At Stairlifts Medics we can assist you not just with any form of repair service, but also with your annual chairlifts installation as well. Remember that your stairlift has a lot of moving parts and will wear down over time. We understand you’re looking for stairlift repair that will restore your mobility and restore your stairlift’s original functionality. We’ve worked in the Baltimore area for 30 years, including Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Plymouth Meeting. So, if you belong under the listed area, call us now.