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When you are ready to add a stairlift to your Olney, MD home, be sure that you have a professional stairlift installation technician do the work. With the challenges of fitting the rail system, routing the power for the stairlift, and more this is not a job to tackle yourself.

Our team at Stairlift Medics has done thousands of chairlift installations and features some of the best stairlifts with Bruno and Harmar stairlifts for sale.

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Bruno and Harmar Stairlift for Sale in Olney, MD

There are a variety of options when it comes to stairlifts, and one of the brands that we work with is Bruno. All of the Bruno stairlifts for sale are made in America and they have models that are perfect for either indoor or outdoor settings and applications. There is a reason that Bruno stairlifts are one of the most popular options for stairlift installations, and we can show you why.

We also offer Harmar stairlifts for sale as well as provide stairlift installations. Based in Sarasota, Florida Harmar has been making a variety of straight and curved stairlifts that will fit in nearly any setting. Their curved stairlifts feature custom precision-bent rails that will be made just for your home so that you know you are getting the best fit.

We also provide stairlift service for these brands as well as any other model that you may already have installed in your home. Proper maintenance and inspection will ensure that your stairlift installation lasts for many years of trouble-free use.

woman riding a Bruno and Harmar Stairlift for Sale in Olney, MD​
one of many Bruno and Harmar Stairlift for Sale in Olney, MD​

Chairlift Installation by Stairlift Company in Olney, MD

Between having to route the power to your stairlift to measuring and installing the stairlift rails and more, a chairlift installation is best handled by our professional team. We have the needed tools to make the process go quickly and we have the experience of having installed hundreds of different models of chairlifts in homes all over Olney, MD. Call in our team from Stairlift Medics and make it easy on yourself.

Olney is now mostly a residential area where the need for stairlifts is growing. Olney was largely agricultural until the 1960s, when the growth of Washington, D.C.’s suburbs led to its conversion into a mostly residential area. Olney served as the original headquarters of the Emergency Management Institute, founded in 1951 as the Civil Defense Staff College (CDSC) to provide training for civil defense. Don’t wait to contact Stairlift Medics for your chairlift installation.

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