Acorn, Bruno, Handicare, Harmar, and Sterling Stairlift Repair in College Park, MD

If your home contains multiple stories, at least half of the haven you’ve built for yourself resides on upper floors you cannot reach if your stairlift isn’t functioning.

When barring you from your bed or bathroom, a broken or malfunctioning lift requires an immediate repair in College Park, MD, to get you back to your life. 

For 30 years, Stairlift Medics has built experience working with all brands, makes, and models.

So, if you need a Sterling, Harmar, Handicare, Acorn, or Bruno chairlift repair or maintenance check, count on us. 

Stairlift Repair for Bruno, Acorn, Handicare, Harmar, & Sterling Stairlifts in College Park, MD

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Stairlift Repair in College Park

Stairlifts rely on several internal components to assist you when ascending and descending to your desired household location. One method includes using sensors that monitor you entering and exiting the chair, but if footrest or armrest sensors malfunction, the lift may refuse to move or, worse yet, start its journey before you’ve settled in.

You may also need an Acorn, Handicare, Harmar, Sterling, or Bruno stairlift repair in College Park, MD, when the chair beeps, indicating low battery power, or moves slowly or not at all because of the following:

  • A faulty battery disconnect switch
  • Key switch issues and error codes
  • Breaker or other power supply issue

While tightening or replacing nuts and bolts may get your chair working again, you’ll need a more intricate stairlift repair if your system is older or undergoes extensive use. Even if you didn’t purchase your chair from us, we’ll replace worn rollers and other parts with the care and expertise you would receive from your stairlift company’s manufacturer. 

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Stairlift Maintenance Services for College Park, Maryland

Alongside wiping down the rails and vacuuming the steel-tooth rack weekly to prevent debris from jamming your path, call for an annual inspection. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor, curved, or straight stairlift, we’ll lubricate the track, examine all mechanisms, tighten loose screws, and make any minor Harmar, Sterling, or Acorn stairlift repairs as needed. 

Stairlift Medics provides opportunities for those with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest, just as College Park’s University of Maryland does for those seeking an education. Since 1856, UMD has served as the largest college in the Washington metropolitan area, educating about 41,000 students from across the country. The school also partners with the government on numerous research projects. 

Whether you need a Handicare stairlift repair, Harmar stairlift repair, or Sterling stairlift repair, contact Stairlift Medics in College Park, MD, for high-quality services today!

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