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Stairlift Service and Chair Lift Repair in Alexandria, VA

Mobility issues make the stairs in your home a tough daily chore. While chairlifts help, they’re not infallible and need a professional stairlift service once in a while to keep going. Fortunately for Alexandria, VA, residents, the solution is right at your fingertips.

Stairlift Medics offers a comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance service. Contact us when your chairlift starts to act up or if you cannot remember the last time you serviced it. We’ll send a team member over immediately to evaluate the system’s condition.

Why trust us? Stairlift Medics prides itself on the thirty years we have in the business. Our team has seen almost every version of the chairlift there is. We remain an authorized Bruno partner, but we can work on any brand you put in front of us.

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Reliable Stairlift Repairs in Alexandria, VA

We partner with Bruno because they’re one of the leading manufacturers in the world. As a result, we keep a large stock of authentic parts to repair broken stairlifts quickly.

If you don’t have a Bruno, don’t worry, we handle all brands, including:

  • Handicare: Worn parts are one of the most common issues with Handicare. We can source the replacements at affordable rates.
  • Harmar: Sometimes, it takes a bit of tinkering to get your Harmar humming again, but if anyone can get it right, our technicians can.
  • Sterling: If you try Sterling’s simple troubleshooting steps, you may feel confused. It’s not your fault; this complex equipment requires an expert touch.

Call us as soon as you notice a problem or simply need a routine maintenance visit. Regular chairlift repair and maintenance can offset the need for inconvenient emergency stairlift repairs later.

Tan Chair fresh out of Stairlift Service in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Stairlift Maintenance Experts

Regular stairlift maintenance should help you sidestep a breakdown at the worst possible time. However, you never know when an emergency might strike. For that reason, bookmark our page or program our number into your phone to reach out when necessary.

Situated on the Potomac River, Alexandria, VA, is a bustling city with a rich history. Visit Old Town to experience the architecture of yesteryear while enjoying some thorough modern cuisine. Then walk your lunch off along one of America’s “great streets,” the King Street Mile.

Don’t let a faulty chairlift in Alexandria, VA, keep you down. Contact Stairlift Medics today and take advantage of our comprehensive stairlift service today! With our help, you’ll be upwardly mobile in record time.

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